What does ‘competency based’ mean ?
‘Competency based’ means that students are assessed on theory and/or practical components for each unit to see if they are competent. This means that they have to meet the performance criteria set for each unit.

Can I receive extra support during the course ?
Extra support is available on request at the Academy, by telephone, and email.

How much work is involved ?
The work involved depends on each course. All courses require assignments to be completed for each unit. 

Can I have my previous studies and experience recognized ?
Yes. If you believe you already have the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency you can request RPL/RCC.  It does not matter whether you acquired your skills and knowledge through formal learning, work experience and/or life experiences.

Can I study from home ?
Yes, students can study from home. This is known as external studies. Courses material is sent to you via mail, you must complete all relevant assignments and send them to the Academy.

Can I fast track my course ?
Yes, students can fast track through a course by agreement with the Principal.

Is there an age limit for the Academy Courses ?
No, there isn't an age limit. School leavers through to mature age students are all welcome to complete courses at the Academy.

What are the fees and charges ?
Veiw fees and chages here

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